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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tutorial: Embellished Lace Onesie

My sister is expecting a little baby girl in the summer.  Little girls are so much fun to sew for.  Even though I have two boys, I probably end up making more for girls than boys.  I whipped up a remixed buttercup skirt for the new baby, and decided that it needed a coordinating top.  I've had this black lace in my stash for quite some time.  You might remember it from my lace embellished cardigan refashion. It was just wide enough to add a fun lace accent around the neckline.

To start with, I cut out a piece of lightweight fusible web, that was the same size and shape as my lace.

 I then adhered the fusible web to the wrong side of the lace using a press cloth, and my iron.

After the fusible web was attached, I transferred the basic outline of the onesie shoulder seams, and neckline to the paper backing. The shape was then cut, and paper backing removed.

Position the lace piece under the envelope sleeves of the onesie, and as close to the neckline as possible.  You may even be able to slip the upper edge of the lace under the lip of the neckline.

The shoulder tabs of the lace were tucked underneath the envelope sleeves.  You will want to make sure that these extend as close the shoulder fold as possible, that way your lace edge won't peek through when the garment is worn. Adhere the lace to the onesie with your iron and press cloth.

 I used a narrow zig zag stitch to secure the lace.  I followed the contour of the lace closely. I should probably note that this will work best if your lace doesn't unravel or fray much.

That's it, a super quick lace embellished onesie. I'll share more details on the skirt later.

Thanks for reading.


Unknown said...

What an adorably cute way to girlify a onesie! And the skirt remix is wonderful, too!

Josh and Amanda said...

My baby girl is going to look so cute in this! Thanks for making it for her!