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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bustled Buttercup Skirt-a mini tutorial

To go along with the lace appliqued onesie, I made a little buttercup skirt with a side front bustle.  I don't think that bustle is the correct term for it, but it's the only term that my little mind can come up with at the moment.

My husband thinks that the outfit looks a bit like a saloon girl outfit.  It might be fitting, considering that this little girl has a sister that wants to name her Sparkle.

Anyway, back to the skirt. To create the bustle all you will need is 5 inches of coordinating bias tape.  I used an extra wide double fold bias tape, because I had it on hand. You will also need about 18 inches of 1/4 inch wide ribbon, a safety pin, and fray check for the ribbon ends.

After sewing the side seams, and hemming the bottom, place the bias tape along the hem edge. I divided my front skirt panel in thirds, and placed my bias tape on the 1/3 mark, closest to the right side seam.

 Stitch near the side edges.  Sew up the center of the bias tape, stopping 3/8" away from the top edge of the tape.

Thread your ribbon up one side of the bias tape...

...and down the other.

 Pull on ribbon tails to gather the bustle of the skirt.  Tie the ends in a knot or bow. Apply fray check to the raw ends of the ribbon.

Continue to follow the original buttercup skirt tutorial to finish assembly.

The little bustle shows a bit more of the skirt lining, and is an easy way to remix the pattern.  


Lucy said...

Maybe a peplum? :) Very sweet!

Emily said...

Clever! :)