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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sewing For Baby: Pack and Play Sheets

With a toddler at home, I'm anticipating that our new baby will spend a lot more time in the port-a-crib than our first did.  With Clark I would throw down a blanket and let him have tummy time while I worked around the house.  Although Clark is a tender little guy, I'm pretty terrified that he is going to clobber our new baby and try carrying him around the house when I'm in the restroom or preparing dinner.  Hopefully we can use the pack and play to prevent that from happening.


Because I'm anticipating using our port-a-crib more, I figured that I should make up some sheets for it.
I found this great tutorial online by Modest Maven on how to make sheets for port-a-cribs, or pack and plays.  She claims that she can make these sheets up in 15 minutes, and I have to say that I believe her.  I made two different sheets, and probably got down to around 20 minutes each using my serger.  

Don't worry though, if you don't have a serger you could easily make these.  Hop on over to her blog for the full tutorial.

While we're on the topic, does anyone have any advice to share on helping toddlers adjust to a new sibling?  Clark is really excited, but I have a feeling that it is going to be harder than we expect for us all.


Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

When I had our second and third child, I found that the elder siblings adjusted quite well. The key is putting baby down, especially in the beginning. The baby doesn't know any better, and is totally fine being put down in the beginning (when all they do is sleep those first one or two weeks). Baby doesn't need to be held all the time (like you probably did your oldest). Then you still have free arm time for your other children. By the time the baby is older, and requires more arm time, your kids are used to him/her being around!

You will still here them ask for mama's lap when you are holding your baby on occasion - but I found that was only maybe 2 or 3 times tops. Mostly they just wanted to love on baby too!

It will be great!

Jenny said...

Very cool and practical. My older son just turned 2 when my younger was born, and they've gotten along well since. Just love on your older son as much as you can and give him lots of supervised time playing with and around the baby. He'll learn how to treat the baby and you'll be able to have pee breaks. :-) The only questionable thing I can remember my older guy doing was pulling his little brother into his fort by the arms, but baby was about 6 months then (and crawling) and was giggling the whole time. There will probably be lots of poking of body parts and facial features. Don't stress. Have lots of fun!

Kandice said...

Pretty much the same advice here, but it's important to let the older sibs feel useful and needed. When you need something for baby, start asking Clark to get it for you. If the baby is fussy, ask Clark to come sit with you because his brother needs some brother time! Make him feel important and helpful and it will go a long way.

We've also found that it's important to have one-on-one time often with the older kids. This became more important with baby #3 when the kids were quite a bit older, but the concept still applies. Like Jessica said, remember to put baby down often and spend time with Clark like normal. And once in awhile, leave baby home with dad long enough to take Clark out for a "mommy date" and get an ice cream cone or something. Or if you're leaving the baby home to run for a quick errand, take Clark with to show that he's a big boy. Little things like that can go a long way!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I remember when my little sister was born, I was about four. I remember her teaching me and my younger brother to only touch the baby's feet unless we were holding her (assisted). I also remember the 'baby,' bringing us a new toy (just something simple) when she came home from the hospital. My mom said that the baby had picked it out, and that helped a lot! My mom also did this trick when my brother was born, but I was two, but she said it helped me a lot!

Emily said...

Love the sheets. :) I only have one but at a baby shower, a lady suggested calling the baby "our baby" instead of "my baby" so the older siblings feel included.

The Marshall's said...

hola hermana-
loved your guest blog appearance! You are so knowledgeable about SO many things!
Don't worry, Clark is going to be an AWESOME big brother!
love ya