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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sewing for Baby: The Pacifier Pocket

One more baby item crossed off the list.  A pacifier pocket, it's something that I tried to make when Clark was using a pacifier.  My version was square, terry cloth, and all together poorly designed.  I hadn't been sewing long, and my stash of fabric was sad to say the least.  Ashley of Make It and Love It, recently shared this cute little pattern for her version of the pacifier pocket on her blog.  The pattern and tutorial are free for personal use, and are much better designed than my first attempt.

I decided to make a couple of different pouches.  The green version was made from scraps from the car seat cover that I recently made, and the orange version is scrap from Clark's rocket quilt.

I pretty much followed the pattern as she wrote it.  The only change was on the closure.  Snaps and I don't always get along, so I opted to use velcro in their place. I also topstitched around the edges of the pocket flap, because I just can't resist.

The project was pretty quick and painless.  There was a bit of frustration easing the curves at the base of the pocket (you'll notice the puckers on the green pocket), but that was all due to my lack of patience.

If you have a pacifier taking babe in your life, and need a good scrap busting project, this one's for you.  You can find Ashley's tutorial here.

 If you were wondering, the pacifiers fit nicely into the pocket, with pacifier leashes and all.


Emily said...

LOVE the fabrics and the topstitching. Great job!!

Kristi said...

They look great. These are on my to-do before baby list as well. We will see if I get to them or not.