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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Details

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my little brother recently got married.  He was married in South Carolina, and then we had a reception for him in Idaho a week later.  He was extremely helpful when I was married, and I wanted to make sure that I returned the favor.  I busied myself with little wedding details leading up to the reception.  I thought that I'd share a few shots of some of those wedding reception projects

When I was married my brother spent hours dipping cinnamon bears in chocolate, sliding them onto lollipop sticks, sticking them in bags, and tying them with ribbon. There was no ribbon tying for his reception, but we did spend hours dipping marshmallows on a stick in candy coating.

My sisters and I also spent an afternoon wrapping lemon head boxes in scrap book paper.  It's nice to have a reason to sit down and talk to your family for a little while.

We found these adorable paper straws on Etsy, and decided to store them in mason jars on the table.  For a little something extra, we wrapped the jars in ribbon, and adhered some inexpensive stick on rhinestones.

Don't worry, I didn't make the quilt-my mom did.  She did a great job, and used fabrics from the Tula Pink Prince Charming line.  I love the way it turned out. She finished it up in a whirl wind after we returned from the Carolinas, and I volunteered to bind it for her.  

From the left over scraps of fabric from the quilt I made a fabric bunting for the groom's cake table.  If you can't see the cake it is a tree stump with a heart and the couple's initials carved into the top.  The decorator did a great job with the stump, but needs a bit of training in color harmony. I also made a fabric bunting for the display table, but I failed to snap a picture of it.

I spent a day or so making some magnetic fabric pinwheel boutonnieres for the big and little boys. The little girls got pinwheel hair clips, and the Mothers sported some magnetic pinwheel corsages inspired by Heather Bailey's flower pinwheel (sorry no photo).

The bride wanted to decorate with pinwheels, and all of the tables had several large paper pinwheels that the bride and groom assembled themselves.  They were lovely.

 I also provided this adorable detail to the party.  Isn't he handsome? 

My SIL Jess and I.  She along with my Mom and Sister did a lot of work.  

We were so thrilled to celebrate my brother's wedding.  He found a great girl.


Erin said...

everything looks perfect! you all did a great job. I wish we could have been there!

Emily said...

What a pretty reception. I LOVE that quilt!!

Anonymous said...

It is all so sweet. I have wished so many times I could go back and do my wedding all over again.

Kelly said...

i love the color scheme! so pretty and light!

The Marshall's said...

Everything turned out SO cute! We miss y'all!!and we cannot wait to meet lil miles!