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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nursery Decor: Bentwood Rocker Refinish

When we found out that this baby was going to be a boy I was relieved to know that we wouldn't have to build an entire baby wardrobe from scratch. Without the added expenses of new bedding, clothing, and toys, we were able to set aside a little bit of money to get a few additional baby supplies that we didn't have with Clark.  One thing that was on the top of my list was a rocking chair.  Clark wasn't/isn't much of a sleeper, and I remember many a night sitting on his bedroom floor, holding him in my arms, and rocking back and forth trying to get him to sleep.

I was really excited when I found an old bentwood rocker at our local thrift store.  New rocking chairs can be rather pricey, and I think that bentwood rockers have a lot of charm.  I bought the rocker immediately, and bungie corded into the back of our tiny corolla, and hauled it home.  I was especially excited about the possibilities of the rocker because I'd seen this before and after project from Crazy Domestic.

I was so excited about my new find, that I failed to take any before pictures of the rocker.  Just imagine a very damaged light finish, with rust colored tufted cushions.

I completely replaced the foam, and used some home decor fabric that I had in my stash for the cushions.

It's not perfect, but I'm pretty excited to have it in our little nursery.  Do you have a similar rocker to refinish?  If you do you can find the tutorial that I followed for refinishing the rocker here.

 Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

It looks great! I can't imagine all those nights rocking on the floor! Maybe your snazzy new rocker will be the trick for baby #2 to be a GREAT sleeper for you :)

Emily said...

Fantastic! Was it hard to get all of the old foam out? Hope your next one is a sleeper. :)

The Marshall's said...

it looks AWESOME!!! you did a great job! miles is one lucky boy!! love you.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, enjoy rocking your baby in it.

Hannah Leigh said...

I actually refinished a rocker of my own and was searching around to see if anyone else had done something neat with a bentwood rocker. I never thought to use padding on the caning! Looks great

Unknown said...

I just redid one not too long ago! I used black paint and black and white damask fabric. These are my favorites to redo. I have three more.

Check it out at