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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mitered Corner Cuddle Receiving Blanket

Here's another receiving blanket that I made for our little boy on the way.  It is another mitered corner blanket, you can find my first mitered corner blanket here, and the tutorial here.  This blanket is made with flannel and soft cuddle fabric that I picked up in the remnant bin at Joann's.  I picked up the white cuddle fabric first, and was then left with the task of finding a coordinating flannel that I liked.  

I'm not one that typically selects baby blue for baby boys, but I loved the sweetness of this print from the Nate & Kate Child's Play line. I picked up the flannel at a local quilt shop.  It reminds me of childhood story books, and matches the crib bedding that we have quite nicely.  I think that it will be the perfect little blanket to rock the baby to sleep in.

It was a bit more difficult to sew the cuddle fabric than standard flannel, but it came together pretty well. If you make a similar blanket of your own, just remember not to iron embossed minky, as it will remove those precious little dots that probably convinced you to purchase the fabric in the first place. 

Thanks for reading.


Emily said...

Love the print! :) Loved your quilt too! (sorry the computer quit on me before I got to comment)

Unknown said...

I'm not a baby blue for boys either, but I love the fabric! It looks great and so snuggly with that awesome white fabric you found. I love the remnant bin. :)