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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick and Easy Personalized No Sew Fleece Blanket

I know that this is by no means an original project, but I thought I'd share it with you for a couple of reasons.  

Reason number one:  it is nice to have a quick and easy project that you can finish in less than an hour.  Reason number two: it can be a great gift for someone of any age or gender.

I recently found this remnant piece of fleece for 75% off.  I loved the print, and thought that it would make a cute blanket for my son.  It has just been recently that my son has become attached to blankets.  When we were on our trip to New Hampshire he toted around his dad's 27 year old baby blanket.  While I found it rather endearing that he dragged it around with him, I would have preferred that the actual blanket was a bit less precious.

This blanket will be warm and snuggly, and I won't mind one bit if he drags it through the dirt or spills milk on it.

I simply squared up the ends of the remnant (they are rarely cut straight). 

 Cut fringe that was one inch wide and three inches long on two of the ends.  

I then knotted each individual strand of fringe.  

To personalize the blanket a bit I used some embroidery floss and stitched his name onto the blanket. 

 I am thinking that I am going to have to restitch the name in a bolder color, but it was quick, easy, and will be well used.

On a somewhat related note, I have been contemplating making my first quilt (which would be a bit more precious).  I'm looking for a pattern that wouldn't be too involved. If you know of any good starter quilts that are cute, quick, and well designed- I'd appreciate some suggestions.

I'll be linking here.


Amy said...

I have just started to get back into sewing. I would consider myself a novice sewist. Here is the best starter quilt I have found. I have made 3 quilt tops so far and am about to start quilting them in the next week.

Rachel said...

The best starter quilts are ones that involve squares and rectangles. Try to avoid triangles at first. The log cabin quilt is a good beginner one. That was my first quilt. There are also some wonderful quilts that are just a series of different sized squares. That's what I'd recommend. Keep it lap sized for the first couple and eventually get bigger for your later quilts.

Anonymous said...

so sweet and cozy warm! Love the colors.

Terra said...

I made a blanket like that for my husband when we were engaged, and he still uses it! They are so comfy.

I just barely tried my first quilt. You can see it here:

Unknown said...

I love that print! I made a smaller version of this Orange Quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew for my son's baby blanket. It's nothing super fancy, but I love how many fun fabrics you can coordinate.

Unknown said...

agreed, that is such a great fabric! i'm forever under a blanket cause i'm in Canada where it's cold ALWAYS. you cannot have too many blankets! yours is very sweet!

The Marshall's said...

I love that fabric!!!! It's always fun to find good deals!!!!