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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quiet Book, Shape Matching and Name

I'm doubling up, two pages in one post. These pages are pretty similar in that they are both made from simple felt shapes. I used two pieces of felt for each shape or letter, providing them with a bit more stability. I cut out the shapes with the top layer being slightly smaller than the bottom layer. I then attached my velcro pieces (rough sides) to the back of the bottom layer of the felt shapes and letters. *For the shapes I cut out a third piece of felt the same size and color as the bottom layer of the shape, and attached the softer side of the velcro to the piece. After attaching the velcro to the bottom layer it is time to pin the top layers on, and then do some top stitching-Yeah. With both of these pages I used an apple green thread for my topstitching, but in general I use white thread when attaching the velcro. Next it is time to mark on your pages the position of your letters or shapes, and in the case of the letters attach your softer side of velcro. In the case of the shapes, you will be attaching the coordinating felt piece with velcro already attached. Have I lost anyone, the process is simple, but explaining it-not so much.

These are great pages to teach children to recognize shapes and colors. The name page is great to help children recognize letters and how to spell their name.


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