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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quiet Book, Key to my Heart

I know that you all are probably hoping for something other than quiet book posts, I'll get there. I just have to get through the pages. Hopefully by Monday I'll have a different project to share. I am working on several projects.

Because of pure blogging laziness, this will be a one picture post. For Clark's quiet book I made a lock and key page that was a treasure chest. The only problem is that for the treasure I used several jeweled and metallic buttons. I just couldn't in good conscience give -D- a quiet book choking hazard. I think that this is another fun option. It is a heart that is locked. It can be opened and reveals a photo of a loved one. It says 'You have the key to my heart", cheesy I know, but oh so sweet.

In this particular case Danny's grandmother lives quite far away, she wanted him to have a picture of her with her name nearby so that he could remember her and what she looks like. I made the photo pouch out of a medium weight vinyl and stitched. It was the first time that I had sewn with vinyl, but I was quite pleased with the results. Even though the vinyl wouldn't fray, I chose to do a double-fold hem to provide stability at the pocket opening. The thing to remember when doing this is that you need to size your photo pocket so that it doesn't show when the heart is closed. You can also select the photo and measure it's size before you design your heart.

On either side of the photo pocket I stitched Danny's grandmother's name "Abuelita -----" (not pictured) so that he could not only recognize her face, but also her name.

It is a cute little page that is very personal and quite fun for little ones. My son loves opening up his treasure chest, and it seems like most little kids love keys.

Sorry about the washed out photo (blogger laziness once again).


Unknown said...

How is the lock attached so that it doesn't come off and get lost (or worse, swallowed)?

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