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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quiet Book, Dog

I had really wanted to put a dog page in Clark's quiet book, but I never got around to it. I still have time though due to the fact that you can add and subtract pages with the ring/buttonhole system of binding the pages together.

The purpose of this page is simply to help children learn to work a buckle. The collar that I used was a cat collar. I found it at Michael's for $1. 00. I drew out the design of the dog, cut out coordinating spots, a tongue, nose, and a tag for his collar (I really like the doggy bone detail). I was nervous that my machine wouldn't handle sewing through the collar, but it wasn't a challenge at all. When positioning the collar I think that the thing to remember is to cut is slightly longer that you need it. I cut the collar, turned the first end in 1/2 inch and used a triple stitch to reinforce it. After you have attached one side you need to turn in the other end and pin it in place. Once it is pinned in place you can unbuckle the collar and have easy access to your raw edge. I also zig zagged the raw edges down to prevent fraying. For the eyes of the dog I used some simple (non googly) eyes that you can purchase in the doll/stuffed animal section of most craft stores. I have seen them in both Joann's and Michaels. Once they are attached you will need to clip the ends. I used some wire cutters and just clipped them right off. You will want to leave a very small nub so that the backing doesn't fall off, but make sure that they don't stick out enough to interfere with the backside of your page.


Unknown said...

you have a lot of great ideas but do you have templates for any of them

Unknown said...

Could I have the pattern for the dog? It's very cute, thanks.

Unknown said...

thats such a cute dog page, do you have a template for it? Would love to include it in the book I'm making for my nephew. Thank you!