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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quiet Book, What time is it?

I think that anyone that had a quiet book growing up probably had a clock page. This is to teach kids to tell time and of course recognize numbers. Each color or shape on the clock has it's own layer of fabric and lining. I stitched the numbers onto the face of the clock and then pinned them all to the page and finished the ends. This page I used cotton fabric so I made sure to use either a machine blanket stitch or zig zag stitch to finish my edges. For the hands on the clock I used some colored pieces of plastic that were from some packaging materials for our mouse. I pushed a hole through each of the pieces of plastic using an awl (a larger needle would work as well) and then attached the button and the hands to the book. Select a button that has a loop and not the two or four hole attachment pattern.

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