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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quiet Book page, Lacing a shoe

Oh the infamous shoe lacing page. This is a quiet book page that has been in books for years, and with good reason. I think that it is a great way to teach your toddler or child bothlacing and tying skills. I must admit that this was the page that I saved for last. I have just had major issue with so many of the shoe pages that I have seen. It is really difficult to find a good view of the shoe that still allows for proper lacing and tying of the shoe. I had intended on including this quiet book page in Clark's book, but in the end I changed it to a football lacing page.

Although I dreaded making this page, and I will admit that I am not thrilled with the result, it isn't the worst that I have seen. I tried to add little details that would distract from the awkward angle of the shoe. I added some personalized labels to the shoe , the tongue has the letter "D", and on the insole it says "Danny" (it was supposed to say Danny's kicks, but I ran out of room). I also really like the combination of colors. I think that the dark blue, the apple green, and the orange stitching look really nice together. I chose to use eyelets for ease of lacing. On Clark's football I used a small buttonhole stitch that also worked well, but for the shoe I prefer the eyelets. One of the problems that I had was finding shoe laces that were short enough for the lacing on the page. I think that I ended up getting 30" laces. The lace is a bit longer than I would like, but it may end up making the lace learning process easier for little hands.


Valerie said...

I love your shoe design. I have looked all over the internet, and yours if by far my favorite! :) If you don't mind I may copy your design. Thanks for sharing! If you are interested in what my book is looking like.. here's my blog:

Rachel said...

Do you have a pattern for this page? I have looked EVERYWHERE online for a cute tying the shoe page/design/pattern and I LOVE yours! My problem is that I am a very visual and hands on person-I am NOT good at doodling my own pattern from scratch! I would love to have a pattern of yours if you didn't mind! Email me at if you don't mind helping me! Thanks!

Bri said...

I am also interested in borrowing your pattern if you are willing to share. Working on getting great patterns together so my mom and SIL can work on books for the girls over our trip at Spring Break.

Bri said...

Just found the template. Thanks so much for sharing!