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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quiet Book page, Crayon Caddy

You have probably seen all of the really neat crayon caddies and wallets out there. I think that they are great and very helpful in carrying your crayons to church or transporting them in the diaper bag. When I started out making my son's quiet book I really wanted to incorporate the idea. Adding a quiet book page that is a crayon caddy means that you have one less thing to stuff into your bag when getting it ready to go. You simply have to remember the quiet book, and you already have crayons and paper.

This page is quite simple to make. I used a soft patterned flannel for the caddy (this is the same fabric that I used on the inside of the cover). I used a double layer of flannel to add more stability to the case. I also edged it with some coordinating ribbon. Because I had planned on having slots for crayons, paper, and pens I had to determine how long and wide I wanted my slots to be. I needed more fabric to stabilize the notepad than the crayons. I knew that I only wanted to fabric to hit the crayons just above half way up the length of the crayon. I measured, marked, and stitched at the bottom. The crayons that I was using were thinner than crayola crayons or chunky crayons, but I wanted to make sure that the caddy could accommodate different types of crayons. Hopefully the quiet book outlasts the crayons, right. I measured how wide I wanted each of the crayon pockets to be and stitched in equal increments. On the other half of the page I made a pocket for the note pad and two slots for a pen or pencil. I think that it is pretty effective, and pretty cute.

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