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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quiet Book page, Rotating Tires

I think that this is such a great page to have in a little boy's quiet book. I don't know about other little boys, but my son LOVES trucks and cars. If Clark sees that something has wheels then in his mind it also has an engine. I think that trucks are just a part of childhood for little boys. This page is great in allowing little fingers to learn the mechanics of buttoning. The object is to change or rotate the tires of the truck by removing one tire, and replacing it with another.

When I made my son's book I used cotton fabric for both the body of the truck and the tires. I am so glad that I chose to use felt on this page. The tires work out so much better than with cotton fabric. I know that when a lot of people make their quiet books out of felt they don't finish edges or use button hold stitches for buttoning activities. I think that it really adds a polished look to use an actual button hole stitch, and to use a machine stitched blanket stitch around the end of the tire (I also think that it makes it look like it has a bit of tire tread).

This is a more advanced sewing page as far as details go. I used a satin stitch with various colors of thread for the headlights, tail lights, mirror, and door handle. I think that it turned out quite nice and hopefully Danny really likes it.

You can use buttons of your choice for the wheels. I happened to have two matching gold buttons that I used, but silver would be a nice choice as well.


Unknown said...


These are so cute. Lots of great ideas. Keep em coming. Brooke C

I have a blog too, but haven't updated lately due to fulltime job.

Josh and Amanda said...

I love all of your fun projects! The quiet books turned out so cute! You will have to teach me some of your skills when we come for our visit. I sure haven't been crafty lately, and I need to get back into it.

Fowler family said...


Thanks for your comment on my quiet book blog. Your QB pages are so cute!!! Love 'em! Can I link to you on my QB blog sidebar? If so, let me know. I think your pages are awesome! -Anna