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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quiet book page, Zip Zip Hooray

This is one of the least interesting Quiet Book pages to look at, but it can provide quite a bit of fun and entertainment for toddlers. My son just loves to move the zippers back and forth. On Clark's book I put the zippers on a diagonal, but with this particular page I chose to put them on a horizontal to save room for the button holes. Quite a bit of planning is necessary when choosing where to position your objects on the page to accommodate button holes or eyelets.

I chose to use three different colors of zippers and to position them facing different sides so that they can go back and forth. This is a great page to help your toddler learn the mechanics of zipping a zipper. There are several pages out there that incorporate zippers into images such as zipping up a tent, tepee, pair of pants, ect. I chose to keep the page as simple as possible. It would also be fun to have an even larger amount of zippers in differing colors to teach the order of the color rainbow.

This is a simple page that doesn't require a large amount of sewing or detail. It is always nice to have a simple quiet book page to give you a bit of a break when making a detailed quiet book.

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