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Monday, May 13, 2013

Snap Clutches

Mother's Day was pretty low key as far as gift giving goes.  I wanted to make something for my wonderful Mother and Mother In Law.  A clutch seemed like the perfect choice.  They are cute, practical, and quick to make.

I searched Pinterest for some free online tutorials, and found this cute little envelope clutch pattern.  It sews up really quick, and doesn't require any special supplies.  Sew on snaps, random buttons for the front, and that's about it.

I searched my stash, and found some of my favorite home dec weight fabrics, and sewed up these little beauties.

They are perfect for holding a pair of sunglasses, some cash, lip gloss, etc.  Great for stuffing in a summer tote or bag.

NOTE: The tutorial is written in Japanese ( I think).  Pay close attention to the photos and you should be alright.  I also printed off the pattern pieces at 150%.  Look for the link with the printer icon to access the pattern.

Looking for something different?  Search my To Make Board on Pinterest for some other cute clutch options.


Kristie said...

So fun. Thanks for sharing, I have a favorite things exchange I am participating in, and I need something not expensive to do. I totally have everything for this!
I will be checking out your pinterest board.

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