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About Me

Hi.  I'm Tricia.  I am the mother of three little boys, Clark, Miles, and August. They bring me lots of joy, and a little bit of stress and frustration as well.  As a way to stay sane, and maintain some sense of identity, I sew.

I learned some basic sewing techniques from my mom as a little girl, but didn't start sewing until my first son was born.  I never thought I'd make clothing for my family, but I do it all the time now.

When I got married my mom wanted to buy me a sewing machine as a wedding gift, I told her I'd prefer a vacuum-what was I thinking?  I probably use my sewing machine more frequently than my vacuum...sad, but true.

I've always loved to create, it's just part of who I am.  I studied illustration in college, and feel that my experience in art really influences the way that I sew.  Understanding design basics and color theory are key to any successful project. Aside from sewing I really love book binding, painting, cooking, and one day I'll enjoy woodworking...I just know it.

Although I don't have any formal training in sewing/design, I'll share what I learn with you.  Feel free to ask me any questions that you might have. I'd love to learn together.

Aside from sewing here are a few extra pieces of information:

I have Celiac Disease, and eat gluten free-Woot Woot!
I'm a Mormon.
I can't roller skate.
Peanut butter and cinnamon bears are two of my favorite things.
I'm almost guaranteed to like anything with butter and sugar in it, it's a heavenly combination.
I can't sing.
I'm an Idaho girl.
I speak Spanish, but not perfectly.
I took my husband on his first date.
Our second date was seven years after our first.
I've been married for nearly five years.
I have ridiculously scrawny arms, but still think that I can beat you in arm wrestling...bring it on.
I'm quite shy, and writing about myself is less than enjoyable, so I'm done.

My two boys.


Anonymous said...

Nawh, just came across your blog, intersting about me and adorable kids! :)

Por Tus Manos said...

Great blog, love it!
Greetings from Spain (¡Saludos desde EspaƱa! que he leido que controlas mi idioma)

Por Tus Manos
Tu red de manualidades

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and I'm so excited.
I bought a Brother 1034D Serger 2 weeks ago.
I only know how to do basic serging. I can't wait to look at all
the Technique Tuesday blogs
and try out the things you are sharing.
Thank you for sharing.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for your uplifting, I can do it blog! I too eat gluten free, am a Mormon, and turned my Mom down on the sewing machine gift, but got a nativity set instead. And I use my sewing machine more than I thought.
I am going to try the apron from Men's shirt and hope to try the kids dress from the men's shirt! Thanks a ton!!

Katie said...

I found this blog through a Pinterest pin. I knew that we had something in common as soon as I read the name of your blog. I love the infinity scarf activity and I pinned it to my YW Activity ideas board for my Laurels. Thanks, so much!

Mark Gerber said...

Just found your blog and have never blogged before. I like to sew and making a baby quilt with applique so was viewing your tips and also see that you have celiac. My daughter has celiac and hoping that her intestine is healing completely...has been 6 months since diagnosis and she is great with leaving out the gluten. She is 16 and Rachel. Thanks for you tips. Rachel's mom Kathy