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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Shoes

Not baby shoes for my baby.  My husband wouldn't approve of ruffles and bows for baby boy number three.  I have taken a break from sewing baby shoes, as they take quite a bit of work, but something came over me, and I decided to restock baby shoes at the local gift bazaar.

Satin with ruffles.  What could be more fun.

I have some sort of need to make things for the baby, unfortunately there isn't much more to make for this little guy.  Instead, I get to focus on dressing other people's babies. Even people that know how to make baby girls! What a treat.


Magda E. said...

they're all so adorable!

Charity said...

Oh, these are darling! I love lace band on the first pleather ones. =)

Emma Mercer said...

Those are cute pairs! I love the satin with ruffles shoes! I don't know but for some reason i find baby shoes adorable. I wish my daughter is still a baby, those pair of shoes would look nice on her.


My5 Choices said...

i just love them!
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