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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bapron

I now have a six month old.  A solid food starting six month old.  He's an eager eater, though his dietary sensitivity has me approaching the whole situation with a bit of caution.  Having had to eliminate so many foods from my diet, I can only imagine that we are going to have some issues introducing certain foods down the line.  For now, apples and rice cereal haven't been too much of a problem.  One problem that inevitably presents itself when introducing solids is the mess.  Babies are messy, they knock the spoon with their eager helping hands, and pretty soon rice cereal is splattered all over them (and you).

When I first saw Jess's Bapron pattern, I knew it needed to be added to my collection.  It's one of those adorable and practical patterns.  A bib that covers the whole baby, without looking like you've draped them in a towel.

I decided that I'd need to make several.  So, I went through my stash of fabric, and sewed up several using the materials I had on hand.  It was a great stash buster, the perfect project for those small pieces of fabric that you can't part with.

This red rocket was left over from Clark's quilt...

and this vintage Three Little Kitten fabric was left from a receiving blanket I made for Gus. 

 So soft, so cute, and going to get so much use.

In addition to Gus' baprons, I knew I needed to make a larger version for my little artist Miles.  He loves to draw, color, and paint.  So, I added about five inches to the bottom of the largest pattern, and adjusted the pattern to be a more full coverage smock.

I added a pocket....

 ... and used up some prepackaged bias tape remnants.  

Now this fabric is three things that I really don't like:  
1) Poor Quality
2) Licensed characters
3) Primary colors (there are exceptions to this, but in general I don't love them).

So why would I purchase the fabric?  Well you see, I have this cute curly headed two year old that knows how to melt my heart.  He doesn't speak much, so when he asks for something, I feel like I need to reward him.  I suppose that when I'm sewing for others I should try to make it more about them, than it is about me. 

You can find Jess's Bapron pattern here, and while I'm sure you're already familiar with her site, she blogs here at Craftiness Is Not Optional.


Unknown said...

What a great bib! I remember those days. So messy!

Charity said...

Cute! I love the one you made from the 'Three Little Kittens' fabric =)

Unknown said...

These bibs are very attractive. I just love the way they look like. The Three Little Kitten fabric is so darling.