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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Adjustable Elastic Suspenders

Recently my husband told me that I needed to have a baby girl so that I would stop accessorizing our boys.  I don't really think that there is anything wrong with accessorizing boys,  it is just a bit more limited.

I love suspenders, and couldn't resist making a pair for Clark out of this striped elastic that I found. I made them adjustable, and I made them large, that way he can wear them for a long time to come.

Do you want to make your own? Tutorial below the jump.

Elastic- 2 yards for a big boy
Leather Scrap
Leather Sewing Needle



Striped Elastic (bought locally)

You'll want to first determine the lengths of your elastic.  For this style you will need three pieces.  Mine were (2) 30 inch pieces for the front suspender straps, and one 10 inch piece for the middle back strap.  The 30" pieces are a bit overkill, you could do with much less length, but like I said, I wanted him to be able to wear them for a while.

To adjust your length, just take your little one, and measure between the shoulder blades, up over the shoulders to the waist of the pants, and then add at least 6 inches for suspender adjustment.  To determine your middle back strap length, measure from between the shoulder blades, down to the waist of the pants, and add an inch for attachment.

Next, cut a scrap of leather, any shape will do, but this is what I settled on, the bottom of the shape is slightly wider than the width of the elastic.

Once your elastic is cut, you can heat seal the ends of the elastic by holding it near the flame of a candle.

All sealed up!

 Next, open up your adjusters. The top of the adjuster is facing the right on this picture.

Thread your elastic between the moving slide, and the top teeth of the adjuster.

Next, feed them over the top of the suspender clip, and back toward the adjuster.

Bring the bottom end of the suspender up underneath the top layer of elastic, and secure by folding the metal tabs onto the elastic. Repeat with remaining strap.

Meet up the two open shoulder strap ends with the top of the middle back strap, overlap by about an inch.  Pin in place. Tack the elastic in place by sewing over all layers of elastic.

Sandwich your elastic between two layers of leather, your cut piece, and a larger scrap piece. Using your leather sewing needle (in your machine), secure the elastic to the leather.

Trim the back layer of leather so that it is the same shape and size as the front.

Next, attach the open end of the middle back strap to remaining suspender clip.  Fold the elastic over the top, and to the back.

Using a stretch stitch, secure the elastic.  I stitched a box with an x through the middle.

 That's it, you're done.  A cute pair of elastic suspenders that will grow with your child.  Now accessorize away.

I really think that the straps should meet up at the yoke of the shirt, but live and learn.

Admire your handsomely accessorized little man.


Jaclyn Bair said...

What a handsome lil guy!! Cute suspenders too!!

Unknown said...

They look great!! I've linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip: