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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Satin Bow and Box Pleat Skirt

Another Christmas project, but this time not for my boys.  I have a sweet neighbor girl that babysits for us occasionally.  The only thing on her Christmas list this year was a skirt.  She loves skirts. I was so happy when her mom asked for help in making her a skirt. I got to use up some purple satin from my stash, and sew for a sweet girl.

This was kind of a last minute project, so I didn't write up a tutorial, though I'd love to make this skirt again, so you might see one in the future.

The skirt hits just below the knee, features two front box pleats, a satin bow on the waistband, and a double channel elastic casing on the back.  I love doing a partial elastic waistband, it leaves the front flat and clean, but is still easy to slip on, and makes for a perfect fit.

I loved the way the satin gathered when making the waistband.

A sweet skirt for a sweet girl.

1 comment:

Charity said...

That is a lovely skirt! I love the combination of the bow and the pleats. =)