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Friday, November 1, 2013

Jake and The Neverland Pirate Costumes

Halloween costumes have been a topic of conversation since early summer in our house.  We tossed around several different costume themes.  Initially Clark wanted to dress up as the Wild Kratt's from PBS.  Next we were going as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then ghosts, and finally, nine days before Halloween Jake and the Neverland Pirates.


Hook's costume was definitely the most involved, though I dumbed it down as much as possible.  Fortunately my husband already had maroon pants, and white socks.  I bought a plain long sleeved tee added some satin ruffles to the top, trimmed with lace.  I added a bit of gold ric-rac down the front, and then made some separate felt cuffs for the sleeves.  They are completely detachable, which was great when eating.  The hook was a thing of genius, a black glove with a felt/peltex hook sewn on the front.  My husband could make a fist to expose only the hook, but it also allowed him to carry a baby or two when needed.  The hat is a double thickness of felt, and the feather has four layers of felt and a wooden dowel for stability.

I'll be honest, I really pushed for this theme.  The pirate costumes would be relatively easy to construct. And who doesn't love dressing up as a pirate.

Miles played the role of Jake.  He was adorable, but unfortunately very difficult to get a decent picture of.  The boy hasn't been trained to pose for pictures.  

His costume consisted of a white muslin pirate shirt, a blue and gold vest.  Red headband with a Jake-esque fauxhawk, black sash, and a wooden sword. 

I was Izzy, one of Jake's right hand men.  My costume was simple.  A pouch full of pixie dust, a pink lace trimmed bandana, pink shirt, purple pants, and brown boots.  I didn't have the purple pants, and my pink shirt was more of a coral, but no one called me out on it.  I threw on some gold earrings, and wore my hair in braids and it was done.

Clark chose to be Peter Pan, which made me happy.  His costume was fairly simple as well.  A pan inspired hat complete with red felt feather.  Green knit leggings, a green fleece tunic, brown belt, and a felt knife. He wanted to be Peter over Jake because "he is more magical".  

Gus Gus got to play the role of Smee, Hook's loyal pirate side kick.  A cropped blue and white knit shirt, blue leggings, sandals, and a red knit cap completed this look.  The very easiest to put together, and the most adorable.  A big baby belly will win over anyone.

I hadn't planned on making costumes this year, but I'm glad I did. Family costumes are so much fun, and  I was able to use up A LOT of materials from my fabric stash.  I only purchased hook's shirt, gold ric-rac, and the green fleece for Pan's tunic.  Everything else we already had.  A last minute Halloween Costume success.


Anonymous said...

These are great costumes! Good job on the creativity.

Emily said...

Love it! Especially the hook, Jake's hair, and Peter. :)