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Friday, October 11, 2013

White Satin Blessing Onesie

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Those of you that have been following my blog, may remember reading about the guilt I was feeling about not having time to make a blessing outfit for August.  Well my guilt got the best of me, and the day before the blessing I managed to whip up a semi handmade blessing vest. I actually had a blessing outfit hanging in the closet to use, but my massive 7 week old didn't quite fit into the tuxedo jacket.  So, I decided to keep the pants, and make a vest and bow tie onesie to accompany them.  I've made plenty of these, so it whipped up pretty quickly, and fortunately August slept.  

It makes for a fairly simple blessing outfit, but he looked handsome none the less.  He had been a bit grumpy the night before the blessing, so I feared he was going to scream through the entire thing, but he did awesome.

Photographing a busy baby isn't the easiest thing.  I'm sharing these blurry smiles because I just can't get over how it looks like he is taking a selfie.  Makes me laugh every time.

This week we started with infant probiotics.  At $30 for .17 ounces, I hope they work.  It's been three days, and it seems to take about a week from the reviews I've read to see improvement.  I'm hoping for the best for this little guy. I'll keep you posted.

I've also cut out eggs, which has seemed to help a bit.  Now I am on a Gluten free, egg free, peanut butter, chocolate, tomato, and bean free diet.  Meal ideas anyone?  I'm running out.


Charity said...

Ha! It does look like he's taking a selfie! The onesie outfit is adorable. =)
One of our favorite meals is really simple... sprinkle steak with salt and pepper and fry or grill it, and serve with mashed potatoes and green beans. It tastes so much fancier than it is. =)

Jolien said...

Aren't wraps/tortilla's officially made of corn flour? Those are neat to stuff with anything, meat or fish & veggies and cheese on top -> oven & done! Not sure if they use ONLY corn flour in the ready-made type... :>

But August looks adorable, just like the outfit! :) Haha, my 2 year old just thought it was his tiny brother, kept pointing and saying his name... Guess babies look alike especially in the eyes of a 2-year-old... ;)

Jolien said...

Oh, for potato variations: did you also tried to make rösti once? Grate potato, may add a little onion and then make tiny heaps in a frying pan with hot oil, flatten it a bit and you have tiny potato pancakes. :) Crispy on the outside, bit soft inside. I like those, especially the very crispy bits that stick out.

And for an easy way of the oven-style potato (wash potato, put in aluminium folia and for an hour in the oven), pick neat potatoes, wash them, push loads of holes in them with a fork, approx 10 minutes in the microwave and done. :) Tastes like the oven version, but quicker. I do find that not all types of potato have a very tasty `shell`, so I sometimes peel them afterwards. They are very, very hot though... :>

JPac Photography said...

do you make and sell items like this? would like one for my son's upcoming Baptism.