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Friday, July 26, 2013

Crocheted Hats

I have a favorite animal.  Do you?  Forever, it seems, my favorite has been the giraffe.  So charming with their spots, long eyelashes, longer necks, and purple tongues.  I love them.

I had to make up a little newborn giraffe hat.  I used the free versatile earflap hat pattern from Micah Makes, and then made my own adjustments to turn it into a giraffe.  The ears are slightly enlarged versions of the lamb ears from Repeat Crafter Me.  Every thing else was pretty much winged.  I really need to start taking notes as I go, just so that I can repeat projects in the future.  I don't know how many times I've referenced my own sewing tutorials for my personal use.  

I also had the opportunity to be a pattern tester for Warm Fuzzy Boutique.  I got to try out her great little Turkey Hat Pattern.  It is available for purchase in her Etsy shop, and would make for some festive attire in the coming months.  

I also tried out Micah's Bear hat pattern.  Just add ears to the versatile earflap hat pattern, and you've got an adorable little bear hat.  I added a cute peach bow, and handed it off to Kandice as a photography prop.


Kimberly said...

My favorite animal is the okapi, which by the way is most closely related to the giraffe, even though most people think zebra.

::little projects in style:: said...

oh how cuttttte!!! :) the giraffe is adorable!!

Brian & Carol said...

Oh man! I would pay you to make me that giraffe hat! So cute!

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