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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jack and Jill

We have a Jack and Jill bathroom in our home.  It was a great way to maximize the usable space in our small home.  One door connects to my boys' room, and the other to my office/sewing space.


I picked up some vinyl a few weeks ago from Pick Your Plum, and I thought it would be a fun (non permanent) way to add some details to the rooms.

I created some templates in Photoshop, and then cut my vinyl by hand.  You see, I'm still living in the crafting dark ages.  No fancy shmancy cutter here.  Me and my x-acto knife went to town, and in a matter of minutes, cut out our little couple.

The orange man fits in nicely with the decor in the boys' rocket ship room, but I kind of think that I need to make him a space helmet.  The pink doesn't work quite as well with my office decor, which is decorated much like my blog.  Blue and green.  I figured I'd use up the pink vinyl, seeing that I can't see any immediate need for it.

Anywho, should you be interested in the templates, you can download them here.

Thanks for reading.

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