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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painted Wood Bead and Glitter Necklace

 When it comes to accessorizing, I usually keep it pretty simple.  Mostly because I'm cheap and lazy. When my SIL got married at the beginning of the month, I thought maybe I should put myself together a bit.  I was wearing a pretty simple coral maxi dress (which I love), but I thought it could handle a chunky necklace. So I made a simple Wood Bead Necklace, similar to my wood bead bracelet.

I had picked up a variety of wood beads at the craft store a while back, so it I had everything on hand.  Using my acrylic paints for the colored beads, I mixed the perfect shade of coral, and painted the big beads.  For a little bit of shine, I busted out my gold glitter and Mod Podge, I mixed the glitter and medium together, and painted over the beads.  You can get pretty good coverage with the mix, but the mod podge will dull down the glitter a bit.  You can add a second coat for complete coverage.  After the first coats were dry, I added a thin layer of mod podge, and then sprinkled loose glitter over the top. What stuck, stuck, and I shook off any excess glitter.  

I then strung the beads on a thin length of lace, and it was done.  Made from everything that I had on hand.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Craft Trend Post, I loved hearing your thoughts about fads, cozies, mustaches, toilet paper art.  It gave me a good laugh, and made me happy that I'm not the only one with some opinions.  

By the way, I don't HATE wreaths, I do like many of them, and would hand them.  I just don't like wreaths that have a bunch of thing glued on them, just for the sake of making a wreath.  I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to my wreath and door decor. Sorry if anyone was offended, I knew that was the point that would be the most controversial.  Thanks again, you made me day.

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