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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Technique Tuesday...Serging a Scarf Edge Rolled Hem {Brother 1034 D}

Technique Tuesday has fallen by the wayside as I've been fully engrossed in craft fairs and Top-toberfest.  But, as I've been sewing scarves in preparation for another craft fair this weekend, I thought I'd pop in and share a tutorial for serging a scarf edge rolled hem.

Adjusting serger settings can be a bit intimidating, and at times frustrating.  Getting threads properly balanced, can at times seem impossible.  But with all of the frustrations, for me, it is still easier and faster than finishing off raw edges with a rolled hem presser foot.  So, to ease your frustrations, and help you achieve better stitch balance, I'm going to share the settings that I use when finishing raw edges on light weight and sheer materials.

First off, I had deviated a bit from the recommended settings in the user manual.  I prefer my scarf hem to be more of a miniature balanced serged edge, rather than a rolled hem.  I'll share my settings (orange), along with the user manual settings, so that you can choose your preferred stitch. I have also noticed that I have to slightly adjust my settings depending on the fabric that I'm using, but these settings will give you a really good starting point.

This is a three thread hem, with the needle  in the right position.  Remove left needle.  

Right needle 4.0  4.0
Upper Looper 4.0 6.0
Lower Looper 7.5 6.0
Differential 0.7 "
Knife 6.0 "
Removable Stitch Finger: Removed
Stitch Length 2.0-3.0 "

Once your settings are adjusted, you may need to adjust the amount of pressure on your presser foot.  Lightweight materials feed better through the machine if the pressure is decreased.  If you are forced to force, or gently tug the material through the machine, the stitching will be irregular. I recommend trimming the material by 1/4", doing so will make sure that the needle pierces a tighter weave of the fabric. ( I snip and rip my sheer fabrics, and if often results in an open weave near the raw edge.)

Here is a look at my finished hem, with my settings.  It is narrow, relatively tight, and is nice and balanced.

 The scarf edge rolled hem, according to the manual, turns the raw edge of the fabric under and towards the back.  It works nicely, but I happen to prefer the look of the other hem better.

Because the stitching is so tight, I trim my chain at the corner of the scarf, and finish with fray check.

There you have it, and nice little scarf edge hem with your serger.

By the way, if you are in SE Idaho, and want to stop by, I'll be at the Rigby Craft Fair, Rigby Jr. High, 11/10/12.  9-5.  Stop by and say hello.

 Are there any techniques that you'd like me to share?


Jill said...

Thanks for another great tip Tricia! One of these days I'm going to venture beyond basic stitches with my serger :)

Emily said...

Oh how lovely! Good luck at the craft fair! :)

Unknown said...

Me gustaría las tenciones de la collaretA o tapa costura

Johnwilliam said...

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