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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Minute Tangled Birthday Party Gift

Clark was invited by his friend to a birthday party.  Recently he's been very eager to attend birthday parties, and wants to proudly display his birthday invitations on the fridge.  This time around, he tried to hide the invitation in our book case.  I guess that a Tangled birthday party doesn't have the same appeal as the superhero birthday parties that he's attended recently.  In order to get him excited about the party, I included him in the birthday gift preparation.

We ended up settling on a Tangled inspired t-shirt, paper dolls, and some flower hair pins to really help the birthday princess feel like a princess.

The t-shirt was pretty basic, and made from things we had on hand.  We added some "lacing" to the front by taking a long piece of ribbon, tying a bow in the middle, and then zig zagging it down the front.  I eye balled it, pinned the ribbon in place, pressed it, and then zig zag stitched the ribbon to the shirt.  It wasn't perfect, but the little princess didn't mind.  Clark also wanted to make sure that we added some lace to the sleeves.  We found a stretch lace trim in my stash, and added it to the sleeves and hem of the shirt.

I found a few different printable princess paper dolls. These are seriously impressive, and the artist, Cory Jensen, has a huge amount of printable paper dolls.

We printed off the four for her.  I have a feeling that my niece will be receiving a disney princess collection for her birthday next month.

To top off the princess perfect present, we added a printable princess birthday card.  It's pretty cute, with fold out bushes, and a princess castle.

Hope this helps you in your princess party related gifting.  I'm happy to say that the little princess loved her shirt.  When I went to pick up Clark from the party she was wearing it, and when we saw her at church the next day she was wearing it.


Emily said...

That's so funny about hiding the invitation. :) I LOVE this shirt!! I'm officially looking for a purple shirt now. Ansley would adore this!

Crystal said...

This is so cute!

Charity said...

I love the shirt! It's so cute

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Oh that shirt turned out darling! And I love that he tried to hide the invitation. :)