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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reduce Reuse Refashion: Easter Wear

I finished up a few bow ties for my boys.  All three of them have matching aqua gingham bow ties.

 I don't think that my husband is thrilled about this one. "Aqua, the manliest of the blues", he says sarcastically.  He might not be thrilled about them, but I'm sure excited to see my guys in their Easter get ups. The matching ties won't last long.  I'm getting over it.

I attached Miles' bow tie to a onesie, and added a vest and pair of shorts.  You may recognize the vest and shorts as being similar to the well dressed man vest and tie onesie.

The material for the shorts came from a pair of my husbands old thrift store polyester pants.  I love the look of the sandy brown polyester with the aqua gingham, but I did NOT love sewing with it.  It was thick and added quite a bit of bulk to the seams.

I added a few random green buttons.

Let's hope for some nice spring weather on Sunday.  I'd love to show off Miles' chubby thighs in a pair of shorts.

I still have hopes of making an Easter top for myself, but I haven't even decided what to make.  We'll see what happens.


Unknown said...

SO adorable! I am contemplating making my boys matching ties, too... we'll see if it happens!

Terra said...

I love aqua! My son is getting a bow tie this year too. Did you use a tutorial or just make it up? And at least it isn't pink. Those are some adorable Easter outfits.

Emily said...

Fantastic outfits and topstitching! Can't wait to see the pictures. I think it's supposed to be decent on Sunday, you know, to make up for the snow.

Amelia Kate said...

This is ADORABLE! Do you have a pattern for this? Or would you be willing to be commissioned to make some of these adorable outfits for me? Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Those clothes are adorable - would make for great Sunday dress!
-Jackie @ Baby Ties