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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leather Business Card Cases: Part Dos

The braided business card case was my personal favorite.  I love the leather, and the braid. 

A lot of my sewing time is spent working on projects for the gift bazaar that I vend at.  I don't show you everything that I make (although it probably feels that I do).  Sometimes I want to share repeat items, simply to show how you can change up a project.

You've seen the leather business card cases before, but here are a few new versions...

Vertical running wide lace

Punched Design


Betty Minnes said...

I like the one with the bow but I think the punched design would take up less room in a pocket or purse and looks good too.

talha said...

I have seen your other cards also in a recent post, but these are much prettier with different color strips on them.

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Vanessa said...
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