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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Decorations

I recently helped with some decorations for a friend's baby shower (hello Emily).  The shower had an elephant theme, so it made decorating fun.  Without a lot of money or time to spend on decorations, I came up with some simple printables to tie in the theme.

I made a Welcome Baby sign for the door...
Inspiration found here

... simple little label for some circus peanut favors,...
...and a few little elephant medallions that were hung over the refreshment table.

You can find the printables here: welcome baby sign, elephant party favor tags, elephant images (1,2,3).  They were all printed on card stock.  Super simple-just the way we like it.

I also hung a few fabric pennant banners in pinks and yellows.  I picked up a few helium balloons at the zurchers (which is also where I got the pink striped bags for the favors). Rather than buying balloon weights, I tied the balloons to some mason jars that were stuffed with matching sheer fabrics-bright and cheery.

While at the shower I was able to meet Carol, a reader.  It was the first time that I'd had someone recognize me from my blog. (Hello Carol!).
Thanks for reading!


photo baby shower invitations said...

The peanut things is very unique.

Brian & Carol said...

Hello Tricia! Hahah! The baby shower was great! You guys did such a fabulous job! And yes, I am a huge fan of your blog! You do such wonderful work!

I hope I didn't come off too strong when I was like, "I know you!!!"

Emily L. D. Greenquist said...

Elephants and Circus Peanuts hold such a special place in my heart and I loved every bit of my party! Thank you for helping Annah, I know she greatly appreciated it. I am putting the topper of the circus peanuts in Rubye's baby journal. I am so lucky to know you!

your illustrations are hanging in her room. I love them!

Unknown said...

Nice baby shower theme. As for the baby shower decorations, I have some elephant banners, alternating blue and pink, what you think? I think that can be a good decor for this theme.

All the best