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Monday, April 16, 2012

D-ring Belt Sewing Tutorial

 Clark has had a recent growth spurt, and has transformed from a chubby toddler into a skinnier kid.  The adjustable waists on his pants just haven't cut it; his bum cheeks still find their way out. I noticed recently that the top of his little cheeks are getting chapped, probably from both the pants sliding down, and the fresh air drying them out.  To keep the pants up, and prevent chapped cheeks, I made him a couple of super easy and inexpensive nylon belts.  He was THRILLED.  I had no idea that having his own belt would bring him so much joy.

2 D-rings
Nylon Belting (webbing) Material 
(Available in the notions section of Joann's) You will want this to be the same width as your D-rings (1inch is what I used). Length of material is waist+7". You can also find different belting materials in the trim section.
Sewing machine
Matches or a lighter

First, melt the both ends of the nylon belting by holding a lit match or lighter near the material.  The material should seal, and prevent fraying.

Slide both d-rings onto one end of the belt, about one inch back.  

 Fold the end of the material in 1/2", and then under an additional 1/2".  The sealed end should be near the d-rings.

Using your sewing machine, stitch near the fold of the belting material.  This will keep the d-rings in place.  Depending on the width of your machine's presser foot, you may have trouble with the bulk of the material passing under the presser foot.  If this is the case, you can use a standard zipper foot, and position it to the right of the d-rings. I stitched this row three times, just to secure the seam.

 Once you've done that, you're done.  You could always turn the end of the belting material under twice, if you prefer the look, but if you've sealed your ends it really isn't necessary.  If you were using a different type of belting material, cotton  for example, you'll need to skip the melting, and apply fray check to the ends.  I'd really recommend turning the material under twice if you are using a cotton belting material.

 Hopefully these little belts will prevent chapped cheeks both in our house and yours.  


Anonymous said...

Where can you purchase the D-rings?

Unknown said...

So glad you found a simple solution to the chapped cheeks! :)

Thomas Stok said...

You can purchase D Ring Seals from Darcoid