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Monday, March 12, 2012

Local Favorites...for my Idaho readers

As I've been re-working my blog design I decided to add a few of my favorite local places to my Favorite Places page.  I know that there aren't many of you that are South East Idaho locals, but I thought that there might be a few.

You can find a few of my favorite fabric shops, along with a link to the gift bazaar where I sell a few of my things.

 I've been re-stocking some of the scarves, and added more spring-like scarves to my booth. For those of you that want to make your own scarves, you can find the links for both the circle scarf and the shirred scarf on my tutorial page.

 Are there any locals out there?  I'm just curious.  I've been thinking of organizing a local crafter/blogger meet up, and wondered if there was any interest.  Let me know if your local and interested.  I'd also love to know what your favorite fabric and supply shops are.


Unknown said...

Tricia, I would always love to get together with you. I don't post much do to the job and all but I still craft and mostly sew. I love your blog and just checked your booth at the gift bazaar. It was great.

Lindsay said...

I just stumbled across your blog the other day and love it. I moved from Pocatello to Western OR about a year ago, but I have several crafty friends over there I'm going to pass your blog along to.

Emily said...

Ooh so pretty. Of course I'd love to meet up! :) I usually buy fabric from Joann's (can't beat those coupons) and occasionally home fabrics and rugs (thanks for the tip!) and Hancock fabric a few times. I have ordered from and like what I've purchased but am almost always surprised at the weight/texture.