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Monday, January 2, 2012

Refashion: Sweater to Lace Embellished Cardigan

Lace Embellished Cardigan

With the new year, I hope to introduce a few on going series to the blog. One of the new series will be  Reduce,Reuse,Refashion.  It is a series that I'm starting with the hopes of sewing my way through the piles of discarded clothing that I've been stashing for far too long.

My first project starts with a all too tight knit top that I've had for five plus years. I really like the top, but it is less than flattering on more maternal  figure. To make this little sweater into something more wearable I made a few simple changes.

1- Slit the front of the top down the center.  
2-Attached a length of contrast lace to the bottom of the sweater. (This particular top had a ribbed section near the bottom,  I aligned my lace with the top of the ribbing). I used a three point zig zag stitch along top and bottom of the lace.
3-Serged the raw edges.
4-Turned the serged edges under (1/4"). 
5-Stitched down the turned under edge.
6-Added a few decorative buttons to one side of the cardigan (not functional...the top is still too tight to actually close, but looks great belted or over a tank).

This was a really quick and easy refashion. It turned something in the back of my closet into something that I actually want to wear.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm hoping to have this be an ongoing (but regular) series throughout the year. If any of you have projects that you'd like to share as part of the series, let me know, and I'll consider them as a guest post.

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