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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Singed Satin Rose Slide Headband: Tutorial and Template

I recently finished up a project using some red costume satin.  I had quite a bit of scrap left over and decided to make a little headband for my little niece.  I'm sure that you've seen the singed satin flower pins and clips before, but I thought that the technique would be perfect for a holiday headband.

For the tutorial read more.

I started by cutting out several two inch circles of costume satin.  I used my Go! Baby fabric cutter from accuquilt, and it made the process so quick and easy.

I then sealed the edges of the satin by melting the edges with a candle (yep that's an easter bunny on my candlestick). You need to hold it near but not on the flame. If you burn bits of the fabric don't fret, all is not lost.

As the edges melt the fabric slightly curls up on the sides.  It will also darken just a bit.

For my headband I made four fabric roses.  I started by rolling one fabric circle for the center and stitched the bottom together.  I then added petal after petal and secured the ends.  In the picture above there are three or four petals added.

You can mold the shape of the petals by turning the petals out a bit as you stitch them together.

Here's a look at my stitching...nothing impressive, but it doesn't need to be.  Just make sure that your petals are secured to one another.

This flower ended up having about nine petals.  Tie a knot in your thread to secure your stitches.

I then created a base for the headband.  I used some faux leather that I had on hand. Faux leather or felt are great because you don't have to worry about any raw edges.  Template here.

I sewed the smaller of the two pieces to the top of the larger piece. 

I then sewed the long rectangular piece to the underside of the base. You will want to make sure that you stitch right near the edge of the rectangle so that you have enough room to slide your headband through the slide.

Here's a top view.

Next I gathered four roses, and tacked them to the headband.  Make sure that when you tack them into place that your stitches don't go through the inner rectangle, otherwise you won't be able to insert your headband.

For the finished headband I used a piece of elastic and threaded it through the slide using a large eyed needle. I then sewed the ends together using a zig zag stitch. 

I then rotated the elastic so that the stitching was hidden under the slide of the headband.

In place of an elastic headband you can use a plastic or metal one, simply slide it in the slide, and position the flowers to your liking. I love this option because the headband fascinator is removable and can be used with other slides.


Here it is on my sweet little niece.

Love those big eyes!

Here it is on my littlest guy (I had to check it for sizing).  Doesn't he look like he's enjoying it a little too much.

Clark was less than happy to model it, but I needed it to be somewhere in the middle.


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this is very beautiful! thanks for sharing!!

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SO gorgeous! I need one for me :)

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I hate to say this.. BUT I HAVE TO! MY Daughter is stinking cute!! Her cousins are super cute too!