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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sewing: Maternity Wear for Summer

I don't know why it's worked out this way, but with both of my pregnancies I've spent my third trimester in the hottest months of the year.  It is difficult to find maternity clothes that are attractive, but it's especially difficult to find maternity clothes that will keep you cool while covered.

I recently converted a pair of old Gap dress pants into these knee length maternity shorts.  I chopped them off, hemmed them up, and added a knit waistband following this tutorial from Grosgrain.

I also made a lightweight knit top that I love.  It has ruching on the sides, and has short sleeves.  I found the slub rayon knit at, and only spent a couple of dollars on it.  The shirt is my own design, well actually a combination of a couple of different shirts that I own.  If I had more fabric, I'd sew up a few more to help me make it through the next eight weeks.

It is nice to have some lighter weight options for the summer heat.


Stas Prentiss said...

Geez, I wish I had been so inspired when I was pregnant! Very cool idea! I don't know if you are interested or even what your size is but I purchased some "nursing clothing patterns" thinking I would have time to sew... silly me. Any way, if that is something you would enjoy having let me know. I realize I am a TOTAL stranger but I love your blog and I was moved to offer! Let me know!

Unknown said...

So cute! I totally messed up a cute pair of shorts when I messed up on that same Grosgrain tutorial. :( Love your shorts and shirt! Ruching is a pregnant girls best friend :)

Emily said...

What a fantastic outfit!! Perfect for summer! Love the color and fit of the shirt. :) PS skirts/dresses are also great summer choices.