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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fleece Backed Burp Clothes

I made up a set of four burp clothes for my Sister- in-Law's baby shower last weekend.  Just recently I saw some simple burp clothes that were backed in fleece.  I'd never seen that before, but I love the added cushion that the fleece gives to the burp cloth.  I, myself, have rather boney shoulders.  I think that every newborn baby deserves a nice cushy shoulder to rest their head on.

To make these I used this basic tutorial from Oopsey Daisy to create the template for the burp cloth.  I then cut out one layer of cotton, and one layer of fleece.  I  placed them wrong sides together, basted the raw edges, and serged around the whole thing.

Now if you are a patient person, and like to crochet around burp clothes and receiving blankets, that could definitely be applied to this project.

I ended up quilting the burp clothes just for a little added reinforcement and detail.

Because you're working with two different materials, I'd recommend pre-washing all of your fabric on this project.


Citra said...

Hi Tricia !
I haven't come here for a loong time, and I'm amazed at all of your new works, wow !!
Now I will stay to read more of your post

Unknown said...

i have boney shoulders too! these would have been a great idea way back when I had my little one, 7 years ago now, hard to believe!

Emily said...

Love the idea of using fleece. :)

Josh and Amanda said...

These are super cute!

natalie malan said...

how do you end the serging when you serge something like a circle? (or a burp cloth).