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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For the Love of Lace

Possibly my favorite of the bunch, Impressing the Gals Coat: Mod Cloth

Lace is one of those details that for some reason I'd distanced myself from over the past few years.  I'm gradually inviting it back into my life, and have grown quite fond of it.

Romantic Lace Necklace in Ivory: Nez Jewelry
The return to the more feminine silhouette and details is quite nice, and more than appropriate for the Valentine's season (is it a season or just a day?...I'm going to go with season).

Never Forget a Lace Top: Mod Cloth
 Over the past few months I've procured quite the supply of lace trims, and they are all quite lovely.  I'm excited to start on some new apparel projects for myself. I just have to wait for my machine replacement to find it's way to my sewing room. Until that happens, I'm gathering inspiration, creating patterns, and cutting out fabric.

The Prim of Your Life Cardigan: Mod cloth
I thought that I'd show you a few inspiration pieces that I've collected over the last little while. Enjoy.

Cloud Art Dress: Anthropologie
Lady Jane Dress: Mod Cloth

April Fool's Apron: Anthropologie
Ablaze With Beauty Dress: Mod Cloth

The Chantilly Grace Skirt: Mod Cloth
You're So Clover Dress: Mod Cloth
Sample 689: Mod Cloth
Plus One Dress: Mod Cloth

Ahhh...wasn't that nice? 


Fitria A (Griya Hobi) said...

love the first picture

Unknown said...

Beautiful.... Thanks for the tour!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

I have been on quite the lace kick myself - love some of your inspirations!

Kandice said...

I'll take the green one! (plus some sleeves and a little extra length. :-)

Andrea said...

i love mod cloth too! I like how they have a longer lenths section!!!

Unknown said...

Ooh, what a great roundup! I am not a particularly lacy person myself but I LOVE the lace accents on standard pieces of clothing, like the first coat. It's so much fun to be comfortable and yet feel feminine too. :)

Jenny Hall / Seamingly Smitten said...

You have quite the inspiration to get you started on one awesome project! I hope you get your machine back soon!