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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vinyl Gift Card Sleeve for Father's Day...or any occasion for that matter

This is a super quick project, and a really fun way to present a gift card to someone.  The great thing about making a gift card sleeve is that it can be used after the gift card is spent.  The Gift Card sleeve can be repurposed and used as a bookmark, a business card holder, an ID card holder, ect.  I also love the idea of modifying the pattern to create a sleeve for concert tickets or game tickets, or adding some outdoorsy paper for storage of a hunting or fishing license.

The Gift Card Sleeve is made from vinyl (scraps from the bibs) and paper of your choice.  This really is a very customizable project. You could use old maps, magazine pages, pages from a damaged picture book, ect.

This pattern is pretty easy to figure out on your own, but if you want some help you can download the template and instructions here.

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Mahmood Ali said...

Your posted Vinyl Gift Card Sleeve for Father's Day..looking amazing i like it...
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