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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Felt Needle Book

This is a project that has been on my Craft To-Do List for quite some time. I am known for misplacing needles-my husband seems to be the one that normally finds them (in his foot, or hand). So in an attempt to organize my craft life (remember my blog post with craft room organization ideas) I finally made this needle book. It was so simple and fun to make. I used Kunin Rainbow felt, embroidery thread, a button, and some thin white batting for the pages (I didn't have any white felt on hand). I cut out 3 pages for the inside and rounded the corners. I then wrapped my gray felt around the pages and cut to fit the bulk of the book form. I rounded the corners of the cover, and stitched around the outside of the cover with my bright pink embroidery thread. After stitching I added my little pink rosettes and attached them to my cover with a few quick stitches. I sewed my pages into the needle book, attached a small flap that I cut out with a button hole, and sewed on my button to the front of my cover. That's it and that's all. It was such a fun and quick little project.

I love how the pink and gray felt coordinate with the pincushions that I made earlier.  The button flap was an afterthought so it isn't shown in all photos, but I am quite pleased with my kitchy little needle book. Have I mentioned that I am becoming quite fond of felt. I really am...wool felt is too rich for my bones, but maybe one day.


Volume23 said...

OMG!! that is sooo cute!. Plus it would help me keep track of them so i don't find them in my socks! ;) tee hee hee! So adorable! :)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Blogging!

StudioChicDesign said...

I agree. I love it.

Bird said...

Very beautiful!!