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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quiet Book Cover

Lately I have been working on a Quiet book for some of our friends. This is the second quiet book that I have made, the first being for my son. It is so nice to be able to do a project twice. It seems like the second time around you are always able to work out many of the kinks. I still haven't made a cover for my son's quiet book, but maybe when life slows down I'll finish up that project.

I plan on posting some pictures of the actual quiet book pages, but for now I will focus on thecover. The "binding" that I chose to use for the quiet book was a button hole and metal ring system, fancy, I know. It seems to work quite well though. It allows for the pages to be removed from the book and shared with siblings. It also allows for the book to be added to. I love the fact that I can continue to update and change Clark's book without having to make a separate book. Homemade by Jill provided the idea, it wasn't my own genius. The cover design is also quite heavily influenced by her quiet book.
I chose to make the cover out of a lightweight brown cotton for the outside material, and some oh so soft patterned flannel for the "end paper" on the inside. I also used two layers of thin batting to provide some stability. I attached each material to its own layer of batting and then stitched them together. The inner layer is slightly smaller in dimensions than the outside cover, I really wanted it to look like end paper in a book.

To jazz up the cover a bit I stitched on some felt circles with the letter "D" on top. The book cover has velcro closure to keep all of the contents from spilling out. It is a rather thick book so it needs some containment. On the backside of the cover I added a pocket with flap. I didn't include any type of closure on the pocket, but I wanted there to be a place for Danny to keep his treasures or spare pieces to his book.


Cristina said...

OMGSH!!!!! Tricia the book looks so beautiful and so well made that I'm speechless. Thank you so so much for taking the time and make this treasure for my Danny.

shareit said...
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