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Thursday, September 11, 2014


I honestly don't know how time manages to pass so quickly.  The past month has been a whirlwind, and I hardly feel like I can keep my feet on the ground.

Amongst other things, my oldest starting kindergarten has thrown our family for a loop.  I really didn't think that it would be a hard transition for me, and emotionally, it hasn't been.  Half day kindergarten, however, takes over your life.  It's going to be a new phase in our family's life, and I am trying to adjust.

I've been hoping to find a nice structured routine for all of us, and I suppose that it happens a bit naturally. Originally I thought that I'd sew/work while Clark was in class, but so far that hasn't happened.  Any and all sewing has been in the early morning, with errands being run during school time.  With craft fair season on it's way, I have to find a bit more work time.

Do you have any suggestions for finding a good work/family life schedule.  Balance has always eluded me. The idea of working from home sounds like a dream, right?  You're able to work in your pajamas, stay home with your children, and make a little extra money.

I've come to think that working from home might be the hardest job ever.  Having to balance your work  and family responsibilities is nearly impossible, not to mention keeping your home in good repair. Sometimes I fear that I'm doing a disservice to my children working from home.  I don't want to send the message that they are less important than a project or a deadline.  They don't often get my full attention, but instead a frazzled and frantic momma.

Like I mentioned, I'm hoping to find a better routine, and a balance, until that happens, posting will continue to be light in these parts.  I can't do it all, and I'm trying to admit that to myself, and the harder part, accept it.


Kristie said...

Half day kindergarten is so hard! I have one in it this year. The move to a full day in first grade is so nice. I can't figure out why the half day is so hard other than it just chops your day right into almost unusable chunks.
I have no words of advice to get it under control, just realize it only lasts 180 days! And you can make it thru it!

Teletrade-dj said...

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Zoe said...

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