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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boy Faves: Fabric

I'll be honest.  I thought that once I found out the gender of our baby, that I'd be filled with ideas of projects that I wanted to work on.  I'm sure if it had been a girl, that I'd be sewing away full force.  It's a boy.  We are thrilled, and we will love him, but with two boys already, the needs for this baby are minimal.  There are a lot of things that I'd love to sew for him, but really, what we needed to get for him was a bigger car, and another bed.  Burp clothes, blankets, and clothing are taken care of.

But, I am still determined to sew for this little guy. There is something special about sewing for baby.  Boys can be hard to sew for.  There aren't as many options when it comes to clothing and color choices.  So, I thought that I'd start a little Boy Faves series, both to inspire me, and share with you some great boy related options that are available.

Today I thought we'd talk fabrics.  Fabrics are inspiring. Although designers can neglect the baby boy, there are some really great fabrics available.  If I needed to make blankets, or car seat covers, I'd be all over these, but I am trying to exercise a bit of self control.


I love using geometric and repeating patterns for boys. There are a number of different options available, but these are a few of my favorites. One of the reasons that I love them so much is that I think they can grow up with a baby.  No need to immediately replace the bedding when they start walking.

I tend to lean more toward patterns than illustrative prints, which is funny seeing that I have a background in illustration, but I love the graphic nature of a repeating pattern. That being said, here are a few more pictorial prints that I love. Jay-Cyn is one of my favorite designers, which explains why the majority of the prints are his. Camp Sur and Camp Modern have won me over, and are my favorites.  How great is that wood grain print? Note: I've pinned a lot of his samplers to share examples of the great fabrics available in the individual lines.  

There you have it. A few more options for sewing with boys. Stripes, plaids, and even polka dots. What are your favorite boy related fabrics? Do you have a boy theme that you really love? I'm kind of over race cars and robots.


Emily said...

Ooh love your choices!

Delirious said...

If I were going to sew for a little boy, I would seriously look at Sarah Jane Studios fabric. I love her designs

Anonymous said...

When I found out I was having a boy, it is what drove me to sewing for him. If I'd had a girl, there were hundreds of darling options for girl nurseries. But I hated everything offered for boys: trucks, sports, monkeys... I had to make my own. I used Castle Peeps with a variety of other dragon prints from other lines.

That said, my fingers are really crossed my next one is a girl. :D I am sure you will find the right inspiration.

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