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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leather Cord Bangles and Leather Bracelets

I've recently fell in love, once again, with etsy.  I took a break from scouring the shops, because it is always so tempting to buy, but I've found that my new favorite area to shop is the supplies section.

I found a great supplier that sells all of the materials needed to make these leather cord bangles.

These bangles are super simple to make.  Cut, glue, and slide in the cord.  Easy as that. 

I made up all of these little sets of five, and sadly I'm not keeping any of them.  Off to my bazaar booth they go.

I think that I might have to make some more so that I can keep some for myself.

I also made up some new leather bracelets for my bazaar.  These have a button stud closure.  I did keep one of these for myself, and I really love it.

What have you been making lately?  


The Marshall's said...

LOVE these!!! I must have one!!! :) I wear my others all the time!

Irena said...

The leather cord bangles are gorgeous! I'd love to try and make those. What kind of glue do you recommend? I've never worked with leather before.

shikha said...

So cute, looks great.
That looks awesome love it..leather cord bracelet

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