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Monday, January 9, 2012

Feature: Magic Braided Leather Cuff (and Headband)

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out how I could make a braided leather bracelet.  I'd been running it through my mind, when I came across Melissa's (I Still Love You) year end wrap up post, and found her Magic Braided Leather tutorial. Don't you love it when that answer to my crafting questions.

I had to try out the technique the night I found the tutorial.  The great thing about this technique is that you don't have an open end of the bracelet.  You create slits in the material, and in working in multiples of six, can magically braid it.  It really does feel like magic.

I also tried out the technique on a headband.  

I used this tutorial to turn my leather band into a headband (so comfy).

Unfortunately this leather makes me look like I have a horrible case of dandruff.  

I'm so excited about this technique.  Check out the full tutorial on I Still Love You.  


Emily said...

Ooh it's so cute as a headband! Well, it's cute as a bracelet too but I don't usually wear bracelets. PS I disagree with your dandruff comment.

Melissa | I Still Love You said...

The headband looks amazing! And sometimes those little leather bits get so annoying - I find them on my shirts all the time. If you rub the edges with a little bit of water, they go away a lot faster.

sanxinbio said...

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