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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Repurposed Neck Tie Organizer/Hanger

I don't know if this ever happens to anyone else, but I get so sick of picking up my husbands belts and ties off of the closet floor. It seems that anytime clothing is shuffled around in the closet the belts and ties are knocked loose and slip to the floor. Granted we don't have the best organizational system in place, but it is none the less a bit of a bother.

As I was packing boxes for our last move I was ready to throw out several of the hangers that Clark's onesies came on. They are odd little hangers, and these particular onesies came in a set of five. I never hung the onesies back up on the hanger, but I have a really difficult time throwing things out (thanks to my mom). Anyway, as I was ready to toss them I thought that maybe I could use them to organize my husbands ties. It was probably one of my most brilliant ideas yet. We have been using these hangers to organize his ties for almost 8 months now. The ties slip nicely under the curved ends, and never leave a mark on the tie. Each hanger can fit 10 ties. Oh what a dream. Rarely if ever do I have to pick his ties up off the floor. I often have to hang up his ties, but that is a completely different issue. I also use one of these silly little hangers to hang up cotton camisoles. Now if only I could figure out an inexpensive solution for the belts.

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