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Saturday, April 12, 2014

June Bug Shirt and Maxi Skirt

My sweet niece Kali just had a birthday.  I love that I have nieces.  It gives me the opportunity to sew for little girls. Kali is a sweet little girl, and has always been called "June Bug" by the family. So this red and black polka dotted ITY knit, seemed like the perfect fabric for our little lady (bug).

I used my silhouette cameo to design a little personalized t-shirt.  I love heat transfer vinyl, and have several projects to show you.  In place of the dot above the "I" in her name, I added a little lady bug.  I didn't know for sure if an eight year old would be down with lady bugs, but she loved it.

On the back of the shirt's neckline I added the words June Bug.  

Kali is quite petite, and this knit maxi fit her perfectly. She was so excited to wear it. 

 I used some scraps from the knit, and made a sailor's knot headband for her.  It was my first attempt at the sailor's knot, and it was fun.  I can't wait to make one for myself.  I followed this Sailor's Knot video tutorial from youtube.


Charity said...

That's a great outfit for an 8-year-old girl! I LOVE that the dot above the 'i' is a ladybug. =)
I've been wanting to try out heat transfer vinyl for a while... now I want to even more!

lej619 said...

would be cute as a belt also.