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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Working Mom: Do Not Disturb

I work from home, and am glad that I am able to.  I am able to spend most of my time with my kids, and then squeeze work into our crazy day.  Unfortunately, working from home with kids is not easy.  Sometimes, in fact, it is nearly impossible. 

Because my kids are accustomed to me being at home, they always need me. When my husband has a day off, they still run to me first to tattle, for help them find their favorite monster truck, or to grab them a glass of water.  I love being able to help, but sometimes I wish that it was easier to work from home.

I found this chalk board door hanger on clearance at Wal-Mart. It isn't anything pretty, and I'd love to paint over it, but I was feeling pretty lazy.  So, I sat down at my computer, and whipped up a little design. Cut my vinyl with my silhouette, and then less than perfectly transferred the vinyl to the door hanger.

I don't have high hopes that it is going to make it easier to work from home, but fifteen uninterrupted minutes of work a day would be a beautiful thing. Now I just need to teach my two year old, and six month old how to read.

Do any of you work at home moms have any suggestions for creating more focused work time?  A schedule that works for you?  Quiet activities to entertain your kids while you get things done?  I'm all about refining my process, and would love to know what insights you have.

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Mari Anne said...

When my kids were young I had an arrangement with my neighbour. We had three kids each, about the same age . Day one I had all six kids, next day none. It sounds like double work to have six kids but in fact it was less trouble, they all played well together.