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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Printable Valentines: Owls and Robots

Ah, the Valentine exchange.  This is the first year Clark has had to prepare valentines for classmates. I remember being in elementary school, and sorting through my store bought valentines to carefully select the most appropriate valentine for each student.  Heaven forbid I gave anyone any ideas.  I never wanted anything too gushy, because being the timid girl that I was, I didn't want my Valentines to say anything that I wouldn't.

Fortunately, Clark is not at all concerned about that right now, but I couldn't help but try to help him pick out some friendly vs. romantic valentine gifts.  While we were at Target we found this cute little puffy Valentine stickers.  We couldn't resist. Robots and birds are what we brought home. 

I made up some simple card stock valentines to attach the stickers to.  

Nothing too creative, but like I said, Clark doesn't care too much now.  

"Valentine, you make my heart skip a beep", and "I'm nuts about you" seemed neutral enough for any social relationship.  

Clark picked out the birds and owls for the girls.  "Valentine, You are a hoot", and "Valentine, I think you're tweet".

We signed them, and used double sided tape to stick the stickers to the back of the card stock. As they would say in pre-school,  easy peasy mac and cheesy.

 Need some last minute valentines. You can print off my free printable owl valentines or free printable robot valentines.  For personal use only of course.

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Charity said...

Those are really cute. =)